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Sholo Guti Game

Sholo Guti is a very popular game of Bangladesh. Even though it is similar to Checkers, the board is more attractive, and there's a little variation in the rules. The pawns can move to any direction indicated on the board. Unlike Checkers, you can leave any possible captures if you wish. I developed this game back in 2004 with the intention in my mind to promote our Bangladeshi cultural games to the new generation of PC gamers. This project was published in the June'04 Edition of Computer Jagat magazine, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The download contains Setup file to install the game and play. It also includes the VB 6.0 source code for the developers to further work on it. This is a freeware. You can reuse or redistribute it as you wish, provided that you keep the name of original developer.

Visual Basic 6.0
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