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9/11/2007      Ripan got visa to USA

My close friend Ripan got H1B visa to work in USA on this 10th September 2007. CONGRATULATIONS TO HIM. :) Waiting eagerly to welcome him and our sweet boudi here soon. read more »

9/12/2007      Arnob Scored 6.5 in IELTS

Arnob phoned me yesterday and told that he scored 6.5 in his IELTS test. It is really a great news! He has recently applied for his PR in Australia. This result will certainly help him getting the PR. I wish him all the best. read more »

9/19/2007      Finally my new site is up

Finally I have uploaded my new personal site today. It was a dream of several years that I would have a personal site with such and such features. And then I started developing it around a year ago. It's finally up now. You will find new features like Friends Registration, read more »

I am a student of Rising Sun Martial Arts ( and had my Karate and Weapon's belt test last Saturday(22 Sep 2007). In my Karate test, I had to break wooden board and brick as well. This is my first time breaking a brick. And I enjoyed it so much. read more »

10/19/2007      My first Website

My first personal Website is still up and you can visit it at read more »

My first poetry book "Shopno Pakhi" is finally published from Annesha Prokashon, and now available in the Ekushey Boimela 2008, Dhaka from 12th Feb 2008. My heartiest thanks to all my friends and well wishers who supported me and encouraged in many ways towards publishing this book. :) read more »

5/27/2008      My karate test

I had my karate test at Rising Sun Martial Arts on 22nd May 2008. The test consists of precepts, basic techniques and Kata for the corresponding belt level, regular sparring and point sparring. The test also includes breaking boards, bricks and belt promotion ceremony which was held on the following read more »

Haider and Roohi bhabi's 2nd daughter Rabia is born on 30th of last month. Even though it was 4 weeks earlier than the due date, both mom and the baby are in good health by the grace of almighty. Wishing Rabia bloom like a beautiful flower and spread love and read more »

A karate championship tournament held in Orlando today. Students from many styles participated in it. It was my first time in a tournament. I competed in Kata and Kumite and happy to get awarded 3rd prize in performing Kata. Others from our dojo (Rising Sun Martial Arts) did their best read more »

We 4 purple belt students of Rising Sun Martial Arts (John, Davin, Joey and myself) had our karate brown belt test on 30th January, 2009. Shihan Kenneth Lee came down from New Jersey to take the test. It took roughly around 5 hours to complete the test. The promotion was read more »