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Md Ashfaqur Rahman Pallab

My Family

My Parents

Md. Siddiqur Rahman
M.A, B.C.S
Regional Controller of Food (Rtd.), Chittagong
Mrs. Helen Rahman
A cool housewife

I am lucky to get the best parents of the world. They have been sacarificing their each moment to present us a better future. I am grateful to the Almighty to have them as my Parents.

My Elder Brother

Md. Akhlaqur Rahman Shourov
Diploma in Computer Science, BSc Student
Date of Birth:
08th February 1977
C.E.O, Prompt Comoputers, Bangladesh

He was my classmate till SSC. We grew up together, played together, and also fought with each other in times. He was a genius to me in the childhood, and I got attracted to Electronics world by watching his silly (but interesting) electronics projects. He is still a genius, but the same careless as his childhood.

Myself and My Wife

Pallab and Mousumi
Md Ashfaqur Rahman Pallab
MSc E-Commerce, MS IT, BES, DISM
Computer Systems Analyst, Florida
My Wife:
Mousumi Rahman Ikra
Student of BBA, 3rd Year

I believe that we both were blessed by the almighty to find each other as our soulmates. We met online first, and soon our friendship turned to a love affair once we met in real life. It then didn't take longer to settle us as married couple with the support of our families. We got married on 22nd November, 2008. Currently we have been enjoying happy new life together.

My Younger Brother

Md. Makhlaqur Rahman Arnob
BSc Computer Science, Masters in IT
Date of Birth:
20th July 1981
Student, Melbourne, Australia

A calm boy who never cared about what goes on in the family, just watching everything with a silent smile. That is Arnob. Where myself and Shourov used to play opposite roles in the family most of the times, he was the supporter and assistant of both. Just impress him by saying that you are gonna do something great, you will find him with you.

My Sweet Sister

Fatematuz Zohara Prokriti
Date of Birth:
06th September 1992

We realized why we needed a sister only after she was born. She is the light of our family. She has got most of the characters of Arnob, though she is even silent, smiling and cute, just like a doll. She likes to pass time in funny gossips with arnob whenever they both are together. But she dislikes studying very much as I used to do in my childhood. And she is a great fan of novels second to me in the family.