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Hi buddy! Nice to see you visiting my personal website. If you already know me, then no need to introduce myself once again. Browse through the pages and enjoy your stay here. But for others, who meet me first time through this site, here's a brief description about me:

My Name:Md Ashfaqur Rahman Pallab
Date of Birth:28th August 1978
Profession:Sr. Computer Programmer

My Wife:Mousumi Rahman Ikra
Date of Birth:13th January 1988
Profession:Studying Business Admin.

This site mainly focuses on my personal and professional information. There's also information about my family, friends, and latest news and events. My blog section contains my views, poems, funny experiences and also some of my projects for free downloads. You are also welcome to visit my photo album. I hope you will enjoy your stay in this site. And yes, don't forget to sign up in my guestbook with your constructive feedback.

Recent News

11/15/2011      Nayif Rahman Ehan

Our first child Nayif Rahman Ehan is born on 10 Nov 2011, at Florida Hospital, Celebration. May Allah bless him with prosperity and guidance, and grant him a peaceful life. read more »

It's been few weeks that I have joined United States Specialty Sports Association ( as Senior Computer Programmer at their national headquarter in Kissimmee, FL. They are an amazing team, and I am proud to be a part of them. Enjoying my work... read more »

Today I have launched the online version of my old good software Bangla Date Converter. Now you can convert English Gregorian date to corresponding Bangla date, or vice versa, on the website without downloading anything to your PC. This is a totally free online service. read more »

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